The site has shadows thanks to cssmatic

4 years 8 months ago is my new favorite site. Shadows were a bit of a mystery to me Before. I would try to match colors and mess with the blurs and offsets to get the right look. However it just didnt seem that real.  Inset shadows were out of the question, and shadows were either black or a darker color than the background color.  I never realized you could use the alpha channel.

Anyways... those mysteries are a thing of the past.  Cssmatic gives you a nice slider to make your shadows perfect with options for inset or not, blur, radius, and opacity. Using this tool I gave this site a little depth.  To finish the design tweak I also added a electric blue throughout the site to call out the H1s and contact form.  The changes are a nice little touch I think.

Shout out to the people at and for coming up with this great tool!