The Beta Test of Edges

8 years 4 weeks ago
One of the tutorial levels in Edges beta

My first app.  Edges is a puzzle game about matching.  The goal is to match the colored edges of all the squares on the board.  An easy concept, however, the game will get quite challenging.  The game is currently only planned for iPhone and iPad devices.

Close to 100 hours and 3 weeks of coding and finally the beta is under review for Test Flight beta testing.

Caitlin and I have a marketing strategy on a whiteboard at the moment for when we plan to launch the game.. but for now this will serve as the marketing url.

If you have tried the beta. Thank you.

Thank you for participating in playing Edges.  We are trying to get a gauge on how fun the game is and also how challenging it is.

Please play at your own pace and after 2 weeks (or sooner if you finish it) please fill out our questionnaire.  Again, thanks for trying this out.

If you are interested in trying the beta of Edges

Just send me a message through the contact form or the discussion board on this page.  Let me know you are interested in trying Edges, give me the email you use for your iOS device, and I will send you an invite for the beta.

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One of the tutorial levels in Edges beta