Don't Kill The Fish is available for iOS and Android

7 years 4 months ago
Don't Kill The Fish is available for iOS and Android

Our third game is out for both Android and iOS!  Please download it for your tablet or phone here:

Game Description

Timmy has some fish and an active imagination. He also has EXPLOSIVES! It's up to you to save the fish. Time their trips correctly so they don't crash and explode.

  • 200 custom levels of gameplay.
  • Cool explosions. Watch those fish fly!
  • Multiple fish with unique abilities and personalities.
  • A variety of obstacles that will delight and challenge you.
  • Amusing decor for your tank awarded as you go.

Are you ready to SAVE SOME FISH?

Development Thoughts

I built this game in Unity because we wanted it to be available in both stores.  Learning Unity went pretty smoothly.  So far it is the best tool I have used for this sort of thing.  I was able to make all the fish and obstacles as prefabs and Caitlin was able to make the levels with no programming knowledge.  We would have never been able to do this game without that ability.  Caitlin made 200 awesome levels while I worked on all the technical stuff and the art.

These games take a lot of work.  It was 5 months of coming up with ideas, sourcing and making art, sourcing music and sounds, building levels, making things work, pricing in app purchases, play testing, and generally pouring ourselves into the product.  We are really proud of the game and hope you enjoy it.

Marketing Thoughts

The last part of this process seems to elude us.  We have done everything we can with the game and marketing materials, but the truth is there are so many games out there that getting our's noticed is the hardest part of all this.  Here's hoping some influential soul likes the game enough to vouch for it. 

I am proud of what we built.  I hope you try it out and SAVE THOSE FISH!

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Don't Kill The Fish - Screenshot - Fish are Fine
Don't Kill The Fish - Screenshot - Fish Exploded!
Don't Kill The Fish is available for iOS and Android