Edges - A Puzzle Challenge Is Out!

7 years 11 months ago

You can download edges for the iOS app store here!

Edges - A Puzzle Challenge was released today on the app store.  Its a unique puzzle challenge that somehow has not really been made yet.  Its starts simple by asking you to match the colored edges, then builds upon that mechanic by introducing "special squares" like snowmen, actors, and ghosts.  Edges has 100 custom levels of ad free content that most people who like puzzle games will enjoy.

Its crazy to think of how much time we have spent on this game making it smooth enough for a wide release.   I've spent tons of time learning Swift and Sprite Kit, getting the UI right, tuning the game's difficulty and fun, squashing bugs, designing and coding a website, producing videos, creating an LLC, and finally launching and buying ads.  Its a little crazy to think of all the skills needed to get an app out that works and looks good, not to mention all the other things needed to get people to see and download it.

Ultimately edges took a little over 2 months from start to today.  Perhaps I will write more in depth about it later, but that time is probably going to be spent on creating the next one.

For now though. I would love everyone to try it!

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