Scroll My Site - Easy Automatic Scrolling

10 years 7 months ago

My first web app has hit the internet.  Whether that crash will ignite world peace and cure cancer is up in the air, but one thing is for certain.  It's something that's not out there currently.

The web app is called Scroll My Site. It is a simple site that lets you scroll any site up and down automatically. Simply enter your web page, configure the controls, and start the scroll! The page you requested will scroll for eternity until you stop it. The url of the scroller can then be bookmarked for later or be used in an iframe.

I origionally created the thing for our digital signage.  If your digital signage software can display web pages, then its nice to have them automatically scroll for you.  Makes for a nicer presentation.

I see 2 primary people that may care about this.  Teachers and web developers.  For a teacher, or any presenter, it offers the ability to have the content you are talking about constantly scrolling while you are presenting.  For developers it offers a nice cross domain autoscrolling iframe.

The site is very new. I will be adding some features and a bit of design shortly.  Let me know if you are using it and what you would like to see it do.

Thanks for reading!

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