Write A Book Nook

2 years 3 months ago

My girlfriend wanted a blog to write about the progress to publishing her first book.  Being that her boyfriend is a web developer, I obliged.

After designing her a logo we had a quick meeting about what blogs she liked out there.  Alot of them were cookie cutter wordpress sites, but one really caught my attention. girlwithacamera.co.uk is such a perfect site for what it is.  It is doing something different, and showing the posts front and center.  I must credit mattbrett.com for the programming and possibly the design.

After the inspiration of that site I got to work.  The site is in Drupal 7 and is now on my new server.  It is looking great IMHO.  Here is hoping that Caitlin keeps up with it and eventually publishes a book.

Check it out at writeabooknook.com.

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